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Style your summer favorites for fall

It’s the season for pumpkin spiced lattes and rewatching your favorite Nora Ephron movie. Fall is a special time of the year. It brings with it a feeling of newness, the optimism of starting fresh. Perhaps it has something to do with the kids going back to school, so even though we’re four months away from the new year, it feels like a good time to set new routines and goals. As cliché as it sounds, I do think the fallen leaves are a metaphor for starting afresh. 

Another reason I am obsessed with the fall is because it’s undoubtedly the best season for fashion with a nip in the air! Coats, scarves, boots, sweaters - there is a certain level of sartorial sophistication that’s just not possible in the summer. Luckily, living in New York, we get to experience every season. And with changing seasons, my wardrobe changes too. That said, I don’t have a specific ‘fall wardrobe’. I honestly don’t have the time, the headspace, or the closet space. Buying new items for every season isn’t sustainable for the planet, or for our wallet. 

Over the years, I’ve curated a wardrobe that consists of pieces I really love. And if I love an item, I don’t want it buried at the back of my closet for six months a year! So I find different ways to style the same piece of clothing for different seasons. The trick? Mixing, matching and layering. 

Here are some tips on how I repurpose my summer favorites for fall:

Sweeping hemlines

Swap out short hemlines (sorry, summer shorts) for sweeping hemlines. Pants and long skirts are extremely versatile. Pair them with chunky sweaters, blazers and boots. Add a vest or contrasting scarf for an extra layer of cozy. The good thing with flowy silhouettes is that you can wear tights underneath when the temperature drops further. 

The Skye Pants and Maya Wrap Skirt from our collection: Reverie made for great transitional weather pieces. In fact, I’ve also worn them with a silk blouse to dinner. The best part? Made from breathable Kota Doria fabric, they’re both super lightweight and so easy to travel with. You could pack a suitcase full of our outfits and it weighs nothing. 

Layer, layer, layer!

An easy and instant way to elevate your look. A long sleeve blouse can be left open and layered over a tank top - perfect when there’s a nip in the air but it’s not quite sweater weather yet. When it gets cooler, layer under it under a coat or oversized blazer. Our Bloom Blouse is the ideal layering piece and seamlessly takes you from summer to fall. 

Embrace warm colors 

Your fall color palette doesn’t need to just consist of fall colors in dark and earthy tones. Wear your favorite warm-colored items layered under your trench coat for a pop of colour, layer with a scarf during cooler months. For instance, our Nora Dress in this warm yellow hue is like a breath of fresh air on a gloomy fall day. Style it with a vest, tights and a pair of boots.  

Hopefully this gives you some inspiration to start rearranging your wardrobe for the fall. At Lmnl, we believe in giving you less that you can love more. Thoughtful and timeless, slow fashion is truly at the heart of our brand. 

Oh and speaking of slow, don’t forget to look up from your phone and see the leaves change color :)

P.S.: In case you’re wondering, You’ve Got Mail is our favorite Nora Ephron movie. 

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