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The Making of Reverie

This next collection is true to our name and will carry you through fall, spring and summer.

In March I returned to India again and worked with multiple new fabrics and art forms to create something chic and elegant. Even though I grew up in Jaipur, India never fails to surprise me as I discover something new and wonderful each time.


Our collection includes one-of-a-kind shawls, sarongs, wraps and exquisite pieces like patterned wide-leg pants, beautifully detailed button-down blouses, flowy dresses woven from silk, and flattering tiered skirts to turn heads.

The second chapter marries Kota Doria, a luxurious hand weave once donned by the royalty of Rajasthan, with the age-old technique of hand blocking. Kota Doria is a unique blend of cotton and silk. ‘Kota’ is the city where this fabric is still handwoven on pit looms by generations of weaver communities, and ‘Doria’ translates to ‘thread’ in English. This particular combination of fabric and hand blocking in these silhouettes is very unusual and has been a special discovery for me as a designer.

This is our beautiful Surya Maxi dress and you can see this technique brought to life.

Hand blocking involves adorning a fabric with intricate motifs that have been hand carved on wooden blocks. It is each artisan’s eye for detail that makes sure there are no breaks in the motifs. In stark contrast to fast fashion, this art form requires time, patience and precision. This is the essence of what we do at lmnl.

We have exciting news for the collection coming soon. Stay tuned for new releases and developments.

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Our Values

Handmade in India. Supporting local artisans

Small batch, slow fashion

Sustainable impact

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