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Welcome to lmnl

lmnl (aka ‘liminal’) // adj.: on the threshold

They say you can’t be at two places at once. Funnily enough, that’s exactly where we thrive. 

Our roots lie in India, and our life, here. Lmnl is a labor of love, thoughtfully stitched together in an attempt to bring our homeland to you. To introduce you to the motifs, patterns and art forms our artisans have spent decades perfecting.

Whether it’s a shirt, a scarf or a lamp shade - each Lmnl creation is crafted by hand. Every thread, every stitch, is given equal care and attention. Which is why you won’t find many of a kind. You won’t find every piece in every size. Or color. We put our all into a few, curating items that will last you a long time. We dislike trends and appreciate style. Our goal is to bring traditional Indian art forms alive in contemporary silhouettes. 

True to our name, our collection is designed to exist at two, three, four or eight places at once. We strive to curate pieces that you can wear and use across occasions and seasons. 

Meet Pearl

At the heart of Lmnl is Pearl Ahuja Mago, who has been living in New York for nearly two decades, with her husband and three sons.  Pearl is a self-taught art enthusiast with a penchant for Indian crafts and textiles. An interest she cultivated while growing up in Jaipur - a city brimming with rich art, architecture, textiles, cuisine and music. And where Pearl’s family has been in the business of manufacturing and the export of apparel and accessories, for over three decades. 

Needless to say, Pearl grew up spending lots of time accompanying her family to fabric markets, interacting with artisans and observing different art forms like tie-dye and hand block. Along the way, she developed a strong sense of aesthetic and an appreciation for craft.

With Lmnl, she has married her passion for Indian art forms with New York flair . Pearl doesn’t believe in fast fashion or transient trends, often styling and restyling each item in her closet.

She wants her clients to experience every silhouette to the fullest, to know the story behind it and appreciate the craft that enriches it.