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Our local Indian artisans are the very soul of Lmnl.

Each product in the collection is enriched by their unwavering effort and commitment.

A decade is a long time. Long enough for 26-year-old Anil to master the art of color mixology. Born and brought up in Uttar Pradesh, a state in Northern India, he’s been experimenting with different hues and practicing block printing since he was 16. His father used to hand-carve wooden blocks back in the day. It was while visiting him that Anil became mesmerized by the art of hand-blocking. Every fabric was an empty canvas upon which he could press a pattern to perfection. Today, there’s not a hue Anil isn’t familiar with. He’ll immediately tell you how two seemingly identical pink shades are actually very, very different. Over time, he’s understood what colors work well on what fabrics.

Rahul, another one of our karigars, works alongside Anil. At the age of 30, he also has a decade of experience. Rahul learned the art of hand blocking from his father’s older brother when he was 20 years old and hasn’t looked back since. When asked, Rahul said he loves what he does because it stimulates him creatively. He has two children who often sit beside him as he scrupulously aligns every block to the fabric.

The art of hand block requires patience. You need to wait for the colors to dry - it’s a process that cannot be rushed. Which in today’s world of hustle, is a refreshing pause. This is also the essence of what we do at Lmnl. Anil and Rahul both spoke about this pause as well. How it gives them time to have flexible work schedules, reflect and spend time with their families.

After hand blocking is complete, each piece is further embellished with intricate hand-smocking embroidery. The embroidery has been beautifully executed by a group of women artisans.  

Sarita learnt embroidery from her elder sister when she was 15-years-old. She would carve out pockets of time in between house chores and schooling to practice every stitch to perfection. Today, it is thanks to her dedication that each item in this collection is akin to a work of art.

Radha, another one of our artisans, is currently teaching embroidery to her three daughters. She spends hours on each product, meticulously carrying out every intricate stitch while also explaining the hows and whys behind it. Her patience never dwindles. Neither does her concentration.  

With the help of our artisans, we are striving to keep traditional Indian art forms alive.